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Chris Hunichen

Chris "Big Huni" Hunichen is a well-known and highly respected professional poker player residing in Raleigh, North Carolina... Known for his wild antics and crazy style of play, Chris has joined the ranks of the elite online players worldwide, debuting in the top 100 in September '09.  He was also the first online player in the history of to win a triple crown all within a 24 hour time period.  His biggest accomplishments include an outright victory in the Full Tilt Poker $90k Guaranteed for $40,200, a 3rd place finish in the Pokerstars $100r for $40,940 and a 1st place victory in the Pokerstars $40k Guaranteed for $33,374. He also finished 31st out of over 2700 players in event #39, a $1500 buyin event at the 2008 WSOP for $13,700.  His recent success has included a win in the Pokerstars $50r 50k guaranteed for $14.7k, a win in the Ultimate Bet $500 buyin $75k Guaranteed for $19,875, which came just 5 days after winning Pokerstars prestigious $320 Wednesday Quarter Million Guaranteed outright for $50,281.  As a proud member of Team Bustout, there are only more great things to come for this talented young man. You can learn more about Chris on his home page

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