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Jeff, thanks for the shirts! You will be happy to know I wore the Suicide King today. It will be seen worldwide as it was televised for the final table. Tons of compliments on shirt........I'm happy to help, the product is excellent.
I have several Bustout shirts and I can't seem to wear one without being stopped and asked where I got it. I feel like I was a distraction to the poker table at the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa, FL this past weekend. Between every hand someone else asked me about the Suicide Kings Shirt and my hat. I guess it worked in my favor because I cleaned up at the table, LOL. But truthfully, this line is awesome and I plan on buying many more. Can't wait to see the new designs!
I just received the shirts and cards today! The quality is even better than expected. I can't wait to wear the shirt to my next tournament! Thanks so much! Ed Mueller
I'm no stranger to buying funny t-shirts online, so when I saw the Isildur shirt I had to have it. I wasn't expecting it to have higher quality printing on it than any other shirt I've owned. Thanks, guys, for an excellent product.
Great company, great idea, great quality...absolutely love the shirts and am looking forward to owning the entire collection
Awesome shirts!!! I don't even play poker, well.... strip maybe, but the clothing is awesome. Great feel, great look. best shirt I have ever played in, really!!!
I love the shirts and think Jeff is a great guy! Good luck my friend!
I received my shipment yesterday... pretty good only 7 days shipping to Australia! Love the shirts... great stuff! Great service also guys....communication is the key! See you at the Aussie Millions. I will send you a photo in the meantime. I am not that good looking, but everyone will be looking at the tee anywayz... Thanks once again! David (Milo) Miles
Got the shirts. They look great! Wore the "suicide king" to my home game last night and everyone was really impressed. Gave everyone the website address. Brought me some luck too came out $200 ahead. Think I'll use some of that cash on my new favorite site. Thanks
Hey guys, love the shirt. Very good for poker related events as well as a good looking shirt to wear for casual nightclubbing. Keep up the great work and keep the awesome designs going. Will definitely shop with Bustout again once I see another item that catches my eye.
Great line and will soon be adding everything to my closet!!! One suggestion though, I'd add maye some more dragons, maybe some more fireballs, and maybe some more studs/rhinestones
Just got the cards in the mail today, they are by far the best cards I have ever played with. I am constantly getting asked where I got them from and am now the envy of every home game.

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