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Rounders Edge
Rounders Edge
Rounders EdgeRounders EdgeRounders Edge
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Rounders Edge
Advanced Mental Performance Catalyst

Rounders Edge is a proprietary formula designed specifically to enhance mental focus and stamina required to play your best poker through even the longest grinding sessions! A unique 3-stage delivery system is one of the key features that separates this product from the rest in the flooded energy supplement marketplace. By utilizing 3 different forms of caffeine, along with 3 different esters of the critical amino acid L-Tyrosine, each having a different absorption rate, a time release effect is achieved that eliminates the spike and crash typically experienced with other products in this category. The result is an evenly distributed increase in energy and alertness without jitters lasting up to 6 hours. The addition of B-vitamins 3, 6, and 12 along with , Ginseng, and Red Tea compliment this unique formula by providing key nutrients required for optimum brain function and neurotransmitter activity. 

Let's face it, ever since the Moneymaker boom as well as the rise of internet poker and online training sites, it's becoming increasingly harder to beat the game. To be a successful winning player you need to take advantage of every edge you can get. Rounders Edge might just be exactly what you've been looking for. Try it today! 

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