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What is your birthdate / sign?
November 26th - Sagittarius

Where were you born / live now?
Charlotte NC/ Lancaster SC

What are your hobbies / interests?
You mean other than poker? Traveling, Shopping, and Modeling

What are your long term goals?
To use my modeling to be known worldwide, and open my own clothing store.
Of course I'll sell Bustout!

When did you first get interested in Poker?
My first trip to Vegas about 4 years ago.

What is your favorite game?
No Limit Hold 'em!

Do you prefer tournaments or cash games?
Cash games. I'm way too impatient for tournaments.

What is your starting favorite hand?
Well a Big Pair of course! ;-)

Who are some of your favorite poker players?
Gus Hansen and Daniel Negreneu. I really repect Phil Ivey but not too much
on his personality.

What is your fav poker show to watch on TV?
WSOP is still probably my favorite because it was the first big time poker event I had ever seen.

If someone wanted to contact you, do you have a website or FB page?
Sure do...it's

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Jonathan Little