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What is your birthdate / sign?
June 30th 1983 I am a Cancer (cancers are the best sign!!!!)

Where were you born / live now?
I was Born in Worcester, MA…I Live in Milford, Ma…but want to move ASAP!!

Any brothers or sisters?
I do have one brother that is a year younger than I am.

What is you main occupation?
Right now I Bartend 2 days a week and attend Aesthetics School 3-4 nights a week…I graduate August 9th 2011!!

What are your hobbies / interests?
My favorite Hobbies ever are Fishing of any kind, Modeling, Cooking, & Cleaning

What are your long term goals?
My long term goals are to become as knowledgable as I can with skin care and build a great clientel of excellent people as well as get married to my best friend and add a baby to our family:o)

What are your top three qualities in a guy?
I cant pick just three because there are several that must all be there…He must be a Gentleman, Faithful, Honest, Supportive, Loyal, and Caring and must make me feel special.

What is one of your biggest turn ons?
Everything about my boyfriend!!! He does it all for me…sorry guys!!!! He is all the above and more not to mention he is big & tall and has eyes to die for and he looks great in a uniform.

Turn off's?
Guys that lie, don’t work, bad hygiene, talk like they are gangsta, hate when guys calls woman “mami”, do drugs, don’t go after there dreams in life.

What do you do when you wanna feel sexy?
When I wanna feel sexy I will get all dolled up for a private photoshoot just for my boyfriend…or ill go through and try on all my lingere and light some candles and feel sexy around my house:o)

Night club or cuddling on couch with a good movie?
Definitely cuddling on the couch….im a huge touchy cuddler….I am not into the night life at all!

Beer, wine, or liquor?
Honestly I love beer but it makes me bloated so if I do drink, which isn’t often, I would stick to Greygoose on the rocks with a splash on Cranberry, or Three Olives Grape Vodka with Soda Water

Dog or Cat?
Dog!! I love all dogs!!!! I have an English Springer Spaniel his name is Hunter he is my big fat spoiled boy!!!!!!

What kind of car do you drive?
I hate My Car it’s a 2008 Chrysler Pacifica (Crossover)….I miss and want my old truck back it was a 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe black on black leather with huge chrome rims ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I miss it sooo much….if anyone wants to donate one to me please do!!

What is your dream car?
My dream cars would be 2011 Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ, 2011 Cadillac Escalade, The new Dodge Durango, or a new Supercharged Range Rover……all these black on black!!!!

What kind of car should a guy drive if he wants to turn your head at a red light?
Definitely a SUV or Big Pickup Truck….lol but I never pay attention to people hahaha
Ever play strip poker? If not, would you consider it?
LOL... I think I tried to play once years ago but left the game I believe….haha I would end up being naked in a second…but I would probably give it another shot now haha

What is your favorite game?
Texas Holdem

Do you prefer tournaments or cash games?

Other than AA do you have a favorite starting hand?
Pair of Kings

Do you have any favorite poker players?
Yes Chad Brown & Phil Ivey

What is your favorite poker show to watch on TV?
World Series of Poker

If someone wanted to contact you, do you have a website or FB page?
Yes I have three ways someone can contact me for modeling:!/profile.php?id=711371713

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