Kiera Sky
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Kiera Sky

What is your birthdate / sign?
2-22 pisces

Where were you born / live now?
Kansas City, still live here for now

What is you main occupation?

What are your hobbies / interests?
Working out, going to the beach, shopping, anything outdoors (as long as its warm out)

What are your long term goals?
Be successful in modeling (as long as im still doing it) but also hope that a new venture I have started will work out in the long run and be a successful business for many years.

What are your top three qualities in a guy?
Personality, hygiene, nice smile

What was your craziest first date?
I haven’t been on a first date in soooooo long and I never really dated much so I cant think of any crazy ones!

When did you first get interested in Poker?
About 3-4 years ago. Played at a home game party with my boyfriend and I was hooked.

What is your favorite game?
I only know NL Hold Em right now but would like to learn others.

Do you prefer tournements or cash games?
Tournaments probably cuz I like king of the hill.

What is your starting favorite hand in poker?
QQ or 89 suited

Who are some of your favorite poker players?
I don’t really have any favorites but I guess I always like to watch Phil Hellmuth cuz he’s such a big baby its funny to watch.

What is your favorite poker show to watch on TV?
I probably watch Poker After Dark most often but I like em all really.

If someone wanted to contact you, do you have a website or FB page?

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