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What are your long term goals?
Continue working doing something that I love :)

What are your top three qualities in a guy?
Sense of humor, smart, and of course they have to be hot as well :)

What is one of your biggest turn ons?
A great smile, nice face, and I love tattoos!

Turn offs?
Fat, body odor, bad breath

What do you do when you wanna feel sexy?
Take a looong shower...and then get some new sexy underwear on and put on some good music!

Night club or cuddling on couch with a good movie?
I love both!! Depends on my mood. :)

Beer, wine, or liquor?
wine and drinks :)

Dog or Cat?
Both, but if I have to choose I would say cat.

How often do you play Poker?
It has actually been a while since I played but I’m always ready!.

Ever play strip poker? If not, would you consider it?
Haha! Yes I have actually played it! :)

If someone wanted to contact you, do you have a website or FB page?
Yes I have :
and my Facebook fanpage:!/pages/Veronica-Thorsell-official-fanpage/192107587472387

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