Bustout U (Midnight Pearl)
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Bustout U (Midnight Pearl)
Bustout U (Midnight Pearl)
Bustout U (Midnight Pearl)Bustout U (Midnight Pearl)
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100% cotton premium mineral wash mens T-shirt. Custom color: Midnight Pearl.

Our vintage "Bustout U" design is a great throwback to the classic look and feel of university logo styles that have dominated college campuses for generations. With the double meaning of the term "Bustout U" as well as the ribbon displaying "Muck it, Ship it" this is a must have for every college groomed poker wizard! The custom black mineral wash on this premium garment gives it an unparalleled look and feel from the very first time you wear it! In addition to Med-XXLarge, this shirt is also available in XXX-Large.

Care Instructions: For best results and maximum wear, machine wash inside out in cold water delicate cycle only. Tumble dry low or hang dry. DO NOT IRON!

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