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100% cotton premium satin wash mens T-shirt. Custom Color: Silverstone (Now Available)

"Fearless" is our top of the line mens premium shirt. It features some of the most amazingly detailed original art you will not find anywhere! This is a two sided all over print design which also features brilliant red foil on top of a unique laser burnout patch on both sides. The front features two ferocious and menacing looking dragons clutching a stack of poker chips in each of their claws. In the middle of the design is a laser patch displaying the Chinese symbols meaning "fearless" in red foil. The back features "Bustout" in red foil on a laser patch across the top with a close up of one of the drangons claws which appear to be tearing through the shirt itself. This shirt's color is called silverstone because of it's special satin wash which gives it a subtle look of cracked stone. It's made of 100% premium 30 ring spun cotton which helps give it a look and feel that’s second to none!

Care Instructions: For best results and maximum wear, machine wash inside out in cold water delicate cycle only. Tumble dry low or hang dry. DO NOT IRON!

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